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Bunzl Safety is formerly McCordick, AMFAS and Western Safety. McCordick’s 40-year history of developing and bringing to market industry-leading innovations in head-to-toe PPE equipment is reflected in the WORKHORSE® brand you know and trust. It’s complemented by AMFAS and Western Safety’s mobile safety service excellence to create Canada’s most comprehensive national safety product and equipment supplier.

Companies who put their people first choose Bunzl Safety. Why? Because they know they can rely on us as a leading safety equipments supplier and on our experts to design the right program to keep their businesses safe and productive. Here’s how:

5-Point Protection

Our safety experts will work with you to build a customized program designed to maximize safety in your facility. Our 5-Point Protection program includes:

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1. Safety audit

We’ll complete an on-site or virtual safety audit to identify workplace hazards, complete a risk assessment and determine exactly what safety equipment is required in your facility.

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2. Spend analysis

Our industry experts will help you get the best value for your investment – looking at your existing equipment spend to see how it meets your business objectives and offer recommendations for improvement.

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3. Product Evaluation

We’ll provide a direct comparison between specific products you currently purchase and industry-trusted WORKHORSE® brand alternatives for innovation and value that boost productivity and reduce cost.

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4. Program design

We’ll develop the right product match and training program to keep your team safe and address top pain points in your facility, such as improving PPE compliance, adhering to updated safety regulations and more.

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5. Cost-savings

We’ll show you line-by-line how working with us can help reduce PPE costs while improving safety and productivity.

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