WORKHORSE® Winter Safety Product Pack

Every year, thousands of working Canadians face injuries from winter-related hazards. The icy patches, chilly winds, and extreme conditions contribute to potential dangers, turning the winter wonderland into a risk to their well-beings.

So, how can you ensure a safe worksite this winter season?

Introducing Bunzl Safety’s WORKHORSE® Winter Safety Product Pack! This short and sweet product pack is loaded with winter safety tips, product recommendations for a winter-proof workplace, expert advice on selecting the right gear for you and your team, and more! From head-to-toe, stay safe this winter with industry-leading products from WORKHORSE®. 

Winter work safety is snow joke! Download the WORKHORSE® Winter Safety Product Pack to discover the winter safety gear we think you’ll love and how to keep your workplace safe. Contact us or connect with your local Bunzl Safety representative to upgrade your winter product assortment today!

Download the WORKHORSE® Product Pack now!

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