More Than Vanity: Customizing and Personalizing PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has evolved beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Today, customization and personalization of safety gear, including adjustable sizing, modular components, and the ability to integrate or attach additional accessories for specific job tasks, are key factors in ensuring optimal protection and comfort.

Have a look at some of the latest features available in common safety gear:

Hard Hats

Adjustable personalized fit:

Hard hats with adjustable suspension ensures comfort and will help make sure safety remain on users’ heads. Features like padding, ratchet head-gear, and absorbent sweat bands enhance comfort, adjustability, and acceptance.

Accessory ready:
Many hard hats include accessory slots to accommodate additional safety equipment. Visors and screens provide additional eye and face protection for workers who are painting, sawing, or cutting. Earmuffs can also be affixed to helmets to provide ear protection. Many earmuffs are cushioned, adjustable, and can flip up and lock in place when not in use. Some earmuffs are designed with replaceable cushions and liners to improve hygiene, while others offer features to keep ears warm in cold conditions.

Stay warm in the cold:
It’s important to keep your entire head warm in cold conditions. There are a variety of hard hat liners designed to go over or inside hard hats. Some liners even offer detachable facepieces for added protection and warmth.

Hard hat lanyards, tethers, and chin straps:
It’s no good if a hard hat doesn’t stay on the heads of your workers. If they are moving around a lot, consider accessories that prevent safety helmets from falling off.

Reflective stickers:
Adding peel ‘n’ stick ultra-bright reflective strips to helmets provides additional protection and visibility in daylight, low-light, and dark conditions.


Safety Glasses

Increased comfort:

Workers who are comfortable are happy. Ergonomic nose pads, detachable foam padding, lightweight designs and thin temples for pressure free fit make it possible for protective eyewear to stay on the face throughout the day.

Reduced breakability:
Glasses tend to break from falling or being stepped or sat on. Features like anti-scratch coated and impact resistant lenses, flexible frame designs and ballistic rated shatter-proof lenses reduce the likelihood of breakage.

UV Protection and anti-fog:
Many safety glasses offer up to 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays for workers working outdoors, while anti-fog properties on glasses ensure workers always maintain a clear line of sight.

For workers who require reading glasses, consider safety glasses that offers both protection and magnification. Reader protective eyewear allows workers to focus on small, detailed work while remaining fully protected.



Sun protection:
Ensure gloves are capable of blocking harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, deliver UPF protection of 40 or higher, and won’t breakdown from washes or long-term sun exposure.

Stop stink and bacteria:
Some gloves are made of materials that include both anti-bacterial properties to regulate bacteria and contain properties that balance the acidity of body sweat to neutralize sweat and eliminate foul odours.

Stay comfortable:
Whether working in the heat or cold, many gloves are designed to control the release of body heat in any temperature, leaving hands more comfortable, drier and at a regulated temperature.  


The new WORKHORSE® Kyorene® graphene fiber cut resistant glove offers all of these features and more, including enhanced grip on dry or greasy parts, superior dexterity, and cut level 3 certification that it a “cut above the rest”.


Whatever items your workers choose to maximize their comfort and safety on the job, Bunzl Safety can further personalize equipment with company logos, decals, embroidery, and branded leather.

To learn more about any of our products or to request a custom order, contact a local Bunzl Safety representative.

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