Let’s be Clear: Eyewear Care and Maintenance

Every day as many as 200 Canadians sustain work-related eye injuries, but the risk is highest when workers fail to wear or fail to take proper care of safety eyewear. Whether wearing glasses or protective goggles, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of eyewear is critical.

Regular Inspection

Before employees put on their glasses or goggles, ensure they take a moment to examine them closely. Do they notice any scratches, cracks, gouges, broken pieces, or missing components? If so, that eyewear needs to be replaced immediately. These imperfections can compromise both their vision and the eyewear’s impact resistance.

Imagine driving with a scratched windshield – it distorts your view, increasing the risk of accidents. In the same way, compromised eyewear can hinder sight and leave workers vulnerable to potential hazards. To protect their eyes effectively, the eyewear needs to be in excellent condition.

The Power of Protective Coatings

One key element of the life of your company’s eyewear is the presence of protective coatings on the lenses. A hard coating can significantly increase the eyewear’s durability by providing an additional layer of defense against scratches. Over time, tiny scratches can accumulate, affecting the ability to see clearly and making replacement necessary.

Investing in eyewear with a hard coating is an investment in the longevity of your company’s eyewear. It not only keeps the lenses scratch-free but also ensures that everyone’s vision remains crisp and unaltered.

See Clearly, Clean Wisely

Cleaning company eyewear might seem straightforward, but it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions diligently. Using a dry cloth or a piece of clothing to wipe the lenses can inadvertently cause scratches, diminishing the product’s lifespan. To ensure that all eyewear remains uncompromised, opt for a mild soap and warm water.

Begin by rinsing your eyewear under a gentle stream of lukewarm water to remove any dust or debris. Apply a small amount of mild dish soap to your fingertips and delicately rub it over the lenses, frames, and other components. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue. Finally, pat the eyewear dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Regular cleaning not only preserves the clarity of your lenses but also makes sure your company’s eyewear continues to offer optimal eye protection to all.

Safeguarding Your Eyewear

Where and how you store your company’s eyewear is key to making it last. To protect your investment, store your eyewear in a secure location where it is shielded from potential hazards. Ideally, eyewear should be kept in a sturdy case, safeguarded from direct sunlight and away from clutter that may lead to falls or breakage.

Exposing eyewear to direct sunlight can cause lenses to warp or become discolored over time. To prevent this, choose a storage spot that is cool and shaded. By treating all safety eyewear with care even when it’s not in use, you extend its lifespan and ensure it continues to provide important eye protection.

By being proactive in your eyewear care routine, you not only protect your vision but also save money by avoiding premature replacements. Remember, taking the time to care for safety eyewear is an investment in overall employee health, well-being and productivity on the job. Check out the latest advances in safety eyewear at shopbunzlsafety.ca!

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