Hands Up for Safety: The Latest in Cut-resistant Technology

Every year, over 500,000 Canadians injure their hands at work – particularly in construction, food processing, manufacturing and carpentry, where many employees work primarily with their hands.

Most of these injuries are preventable through risk assessments, appropriate safety measures and equipping workers with the correct cut-resistant hand protection for their specific job tasks.

With so many cut-resistant glove options available, knowing what to choose can be confusing. Let’s look at the latest technology as a place to start.

Technological innovations have revolutionized the landscape of safety gloves, with enhanced dexterity, a wide variety of sizing options, and greater cut resistance to better fit the day-to-day tasks of a wide range of workers.

  • Get a Grip – Literally: New material innovations provide better options with greater elasticity than traditional leather gloves. These allow workers to keep their gloves on while performing tasks that require fine motor skills, offering a greater degree of protection.
  • Why Size Matters! A much wider range of sizing options are now available to cater to individual hand dimensions, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. As workforce diversity continues to increase, ensuring the right size gloves are available for everyone is critical.
  • Cut the Risk: The newly extended ANSI (American National Standards Institute) cut-resistant glove levels chart demonstrates a glove’s ability to withstand weight in grams until cut through is achieved.
      • ANSI Level A3 and below: Provides good cut protection and is ideal for lower cut risk tasks like hardware assembly, warehouse work, and general handling.
      • ANSI Level A4 and above: Suitable for tasks with a higher risk of cuts and lacerations, such as handling glass sheets, metal press work, or heavy assembly.
  • Warmer Hands = Safer Hands: Some cut-resistant gloves are designed with thermal lining, making them a great option for cold weather. Ensuring hands are warm and maintaining feeling is essential to protect workers from cut injuries when using sharp tools or working with sharp materials in cold weather.

For more information on how to select the right cut-resistant glove for every task and every work team, download our Free Kyorene Glove Selection Guide or contact us.

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