WORKHORSE® Eye Protection Guide

Did you know that 90% of eye injuries in the workplace can be avoided with the right eye protection? Everyday, thousands of Canadians in all industries face hazards that can cause eye injuries.

Discover how to keep an eye on safety with eye protection that is fit-for-purpose and never compromises on comfort and protection. Our new WORKHORSE™ Eye Protection Guide is packed with expert advice on the different types of eye protection, choosing the right gear for your job, product recommendations, and more! From goggles to face shields, you can count on our WorkHorse series of eye protection gear to stay safe on any jobsite.

Download the WORKHORSE® Eye Protection Guide to learn more about the latest advancements in eye protection gear and how you can keep your workplace safe. Contact us or reach out to your local Bunzl Safety representative to start putting together your product assortment!

Learn more about WORKHORSE® gear and eye protection now!

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