30 Days to a Safer Workplace

June is National Safety Month (NSM) – an annual initiative that raises awareness on important safety issues and promotes safety within the workplace. NSM highlights leading causes of preventable workplace injuries while offering strategies and resources that help create a safer work environment.

There are four key areas of focus this year, each with a dedicated week during Safety Month:

Safety Engagement: June 1st-8th

Increase employee engagement through training sessions, communication campaigns and by creating internal safety committees! Safety engagement means employees are actively involved in the development of new safety procedures as opposed to simply following rules.

Employees are in the best position to help management identify potential hazards or areas for improvement. Engaged employees are vital to increase company safety as they offer valuable insights that improve established safety management protocols.

Roadway Safety: June 9th-15th

Implement best practices to reduce risks associated with roadway construction. Although it’s an inherently hazardous environment, establishing a proper work perimeter and clearly labelling work areas helps manage civilian traffic flow through construction sites.

Hi-visibility PPE is critical to ensure workers are visible to both their colleagues and passing vehicles. Proper fitting hearing protection, steel toed boots, gloves and respirators are essential pieces of equipment to keep employees safe in work zones.

Risk Reduction: June 16th-22nd

Establish processes and procedures to identify, assess, and minimize risks. Every business faces an inherent amount of risk, but regular risk assessment programs help employers update procedures to maximize risk reduction.

Effective risk reduction is essential to keep employees safe, reduce operational disruptions and prevent unnecessary financial losses.

Slips, Trips and Falls: June 23rd-30th

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common preventable workplace injuries! Reduce the risk by ensuring employees know the importance of good housekeeping, immediately cleaning spills and keeping walkways clear of equipment or obstructions.

Modify walking surfaces with mats or metal decking to help prevent slips in hazardous areas and ensure employees have proper protective footwear.

Now is the time to improve and implement protocols that ensure employees can work safely. Remember, safety is more than a checklist – it’s a commitment to protecting the people who are the heart of our organizations’ performance.

Contact your Bunzl Safety rep to schedule a facility safety audit to identify more ways to improve workplace health and safety!

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