Vending Machines

Is a Bunzl Safety vending solution right for your facility?

If you run 24-7 or downtime just isn’t an option, our vending solutions are the answer. Your employees have immediate access to critical PPE at any hour of the day – keeping your team safer while keeping projects moving forward, but that’s not all.

The ability to track PPE vending machine dispensing can yield big dividends by improving inventory management and highlighting repetitive replacement issues that could signal the need to refine product selection, retrain employees or update processes. In fact, safety product and equipment vending machines can actually reduce product usage by improving employee accountability for their personal PPE.

Your PPE vending machine solution can be set up according to your specific safety program. Product sets can be defined for each employee group so that everyone wears and has access to the PPE they need – and none that they don’t. Automated replenishment thresholds can also be set to ensure your safety equipment vending machines are continuously supplied with the right amount of the products you need. And, because the machines are placed in the most convenient areas for your employees to access, you get big productivity wins, too.

Talk to us about how a Bunzl Safety vending solution can help improve safety and productivity in your facility.

A clear view of the contents of a Bunzl Safety PPE Vending machine filled with protective gear, gloves, hearing and eye protection items from Bunzl Safety.

Vending Program features:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced inventory shortages
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Lower waste
  • Smart inventory tracking
  • Increased storage space
  • Cloud-based reporting
  • Inventory critical stock alerts

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