Eye Protection

Protective eyewear is a critical component of PPE programs in almost every industry to protect workers from countless hazards. Whether it’s safety glasses, goggles or face shields, finding the right product type, fit and style is essential to help keep workers safer and more comfortable on the job.

We’ll help you choose the right equipment to keep your team safe and show you the latest safety innovations. With our 5-Point Protection program, we’ll work with you to provide a customized product recommendation and identify the best fit for your facility. From conducting a safety audit, to line-by-line product comparisons, our team will design the right eye protection program for your workplace and train your employees on how to use it – all while ensuring you receive the best quality and value. Contact us today to get started.

Three different pairs of grey, black and transparent eye protection goggles from Bunzl Safety.

Eye protection categories:

  • Safety glasses
  • Laser safety glasses
  • Safety goggles
  • Face shields
  • Chemical splash goggles
  • Impact goggles
  • Eye wear cleaners

Featured Products

Withstand impact, provide maximum UV protection and are certified for C SEI CERT.MOD.CSA Z94.3.
A pair of black and grey Workhorse brooklyn safety glasses from Bunzl Safety.
Single piece hard coated polycarbonate lens with indirect ventilation. Certified for C SEI CERT.MOD.CSA Z94.3.
A pair of black and grey Workhorse impact and splash safety goggles from Bunzl Safety.
Offers high impact protection and ratchet head size adjustment for comfortable fit. Certified to CSA Z94.3-20 safety standard.
A white and yellow Workhorse Face Shield with Adjustable Ratchet from Bunzl Safety.

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