Products & innovation to keep your teams safe.


Keeping your employees safe on the job is your top priority – and it’s ours, too. Our experts are up to date on the latest safety regulations and product innovations to keep your business moving and protect workers in every area of your facility.

Let us recommend the right protective equipment and provide line-by-line product comparisons of the industry’s best brands. We’ll also show you trusted WORKHORSE® brand alternatives to help manage costs while maximizing product features and capabilities. Extend the life cycle of your safety products with training for your teams on how to properly use, store and maintain PPE.

Eye Protection

Give your team the eye protection they want to wear. Our selection of comfortable safety glasses, goggles and face shields protects workers during any task.
Close up of a man's face wearing protective eye glasses from Bunzl Safety, while at a construction site.

Fall Protection

Keep your team safe at every height with fall protection equipment including harnesses, lanyards, anchors, carabiners, roofer kits and more.
Cropped image of a man in a Bunzl Safety harness at a construction site.

First Aid

Be ready for anything with essential first aid supplies and kits including bandages, eye wash stations, wound care, sunscreen and more.
Cropped image of blue vinyl gloved hands dressing a hand injury with first aid supplies from Bunzl Safety.

Hand Protection

Our wide selection of hand protection keeps workers safe in any area of your facility. Choose from disposable gloves, leather gloves, chemical and cut resistant gloves and more.
Close crop of hands putting on vinyl gloves from Bunzl Safety.

Head Protection

Protect your team with innovative head protection equipment that meets the latest safety standards including hard hats, bump caps, winter wear and other accessories.
Close crop of a construction worker wearing a yellow hard hat and a flourescent safety vest from Bunzl Safety.

Hearing Protection

Prevent long-term hearing damage by providing your team with necessary hearing protection equipment including ear bands, earmuffs and ear plugs and dispensers.
Close crop image of a man wearing yellow hearing protection earmuffs and safety goggles from Bunzl Safety.

Protective Clothing

Prevent illness and injury with the right protective clothing. Our wide selection includes aprons, smocks, hair nets, chemical protection, welding apparel and more to protect workers.
A janitorial crew in white full body PPE holding sprayers from Bunzl Safety walking through a hallway.

Respiratory Protection

Keep your team safe from harmful particles and pathogens with the right respiratory protection, including disposable masks, face shields, N95 masks and respirators.
A close crop of a man wearing a yellow hard hat and an industrial grade respirator from Bunzl Safety.


Manage traffic safely with high-visibility clothing and visual safety equipment including traffic cones, flags and signs.
A close crop of a man holding a stop sign at a construction site where everyone is wearing flourescent orange safety vests from Bunzl Safety.

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