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The Fall Protection Guides - Bunzl Safety

Free Fall Protection Guides

Proper safety equipment knowledge is crucial to keep your employees protected. Use our free Fall Protection Guides to help ensure your team is wearing their equipment correctly and performing tasks safely. Our free collection of guides includes: Guide 1: Inspecting a Harness The first step to better fall protection is to inspect your harness. Get …

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Steps outlining how to wear a mask properly.

Face Mask Do’s and Don’ts

Face masks have become a part of everyone’s daily routine over the last year but are only effective when donned and removed effectively. Incorrectly donning or removing face masks can spread of harmful germs and pathogens and reduce the effectiveness of the mask. Ensure you team follows these do’s and don’ts to get the most …

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The pages of the Hearing Protection Guide fanned on a grey background.

Hearing Protection Guide

Did you know that removing hearing protectors for even one minute during noisy work can significantly reduce the protection they provide? The right hearing protection should be comfortable, fit properly and most importantly offer the appropriate Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) for your workplace. Choosing the Correct Hearing Protection There are many types of hearing protection …

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An image of Bunzl Safety Canada's First Aid Checklist document.

First Aid Checklist

A workplace emergency is the worst possible time to find your site first aid kit is missing critical supplies. Use our First Aid Kit Checklist to plan ahead and ensure your workplace health and safety team is well prepared – and well stocked. Here’s a quick refresher on Canadian first aid roles and requirements: First …

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