A Cut Above the Rest

When it comes to safety, precision, and protection, look no further than Kyorene Graphene cut-resistant gloves. Crafted with innovative graphene material, these gloves are designed to provide unparalleled defense against cuts, the dexterity needed to excel in your tasks, and a comfortable fit.

Superior Protection

Kyorene Graphene cut-resistant gloves offer more than just exceptional protection against cuts. With enhanced grip, dexterity, and durability, they ensure a secure hold on tools and materials, making your work safer and more efficient. But that’s not all! These safety gloves also feature:


Kyorene Graphene gloves absorb radiation created from sweat, and dissipate heat from the hands. In both warm and cool environments, these gloves leave your hands at a regulated temperature.


Kyorene Graphene fiber maintains its full features, even when subjected to UV light. These gloves effectively protect your hands against UV-A and UV-B rays.


Unlike other anti-bacterial chemical treatments that wash out over time, Kyorene Graphene gloves remain bacterio-static even after 50 washes.


The material of Kyorene Graphene gloves balances the acidity of the body sweat, thus neutralizing the odour associated with the sweat.

More Safety Features

13, 15, and 18 Gauge Graphene Liner
for comfort and cut-resistance.

Thumb Crotch
for greater durability and dexterity.

MicroFoam Nitrile Palm and Fingers 
for improved grip.

Get a grip on safety with Kyorene Gloves

Understanding Cut Ratings

Understanding the quality and capabilities of protective gear is essential. When it comes to cut-resistant gloves, the ratings play an important role in determining the tasks each glove is designed for. This is what all the ratings on WORKHORSE® Kyorene Graphene gloves represent:

EN 388 2016 Standard

The EN 388 2016 standard defines glove requirements for protection against mechanical risks in various work settings. It ensures that gloves meet minimum safety and performance requirements, allowing workers to select the right gloves for their tasks.


The ANSI 105 (American National Standards Institute) cut-resistant standard requires gloves to demonstrate their ability to withstand cut through. The standard uses the ISO 13997 (TDM-100) Test method to measure cut-resistance. Based on the weight in grams required to achieve cut through, a rating from A1 to A9 is assigned to indicate the appropriate category of work.

Cut-Resistance Testing

To ensure maximum safety, gloves are required to go through 6 different test methods to certify their level of cut-resistance:

Stay safe on any jobsite with WORKHORSE®