Construction workers risk serious injuries every day. For construction companies, reducing that risk is critical.

Whether your jobsite is a large-scale operation with heavy machinery and construction safety equipment, or you specialize in smaller residential projects, your team needs to be equipped with the right PPE for every task, along with the knowledge to keep them protected. Incidents such as slips and falls, accidents with tools and falling objects can cause serious injury, employees also need to be protected from long-term health effects, such as hearing loss.

Our comprehensive PPE programs are designed to protect against both. Customized product recommendations are based on site assessments that identify exactly what PPE is required and when and where it should be used to provide construction safety. Training programs are provided to ensure your employees understand how to use their PPE, conduct fit tests, assess product condition and more. Ask us to build the right PPE program to keep your people safe. 

A profile shot of a group of employees wearing Bunzl Safety Workhorse hat hats and protective ear muffs and masks standing in a line up.

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