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Workplace safety is crucial in every industry. Striking the balance between maintaining a healthy employee population and productive facility, while controlling and reducing costs can be a challenge. That’s why our Bunzl Safety experts are trained to help keep your employees safe and injury-free – wherever they work.

Count on us, as your go-to safety equipment supplier, to recommend the right personal protective equipment, provide customized training for your people and help keep you up to date on the latest safety regulations. Whatever your workplace setting, we’ve got you covered.


The risk of falls, equipment accidents and repetitive motion injuries is high in industrial manufacturing without the proper PPE and training. We’ll help with both.

Female wearing an orange hard hat, face mask and shield and industrial grade safety jacket standing in a hallway.

Health Services

Reliable PPE to protect healthcare workers has never been more important to reduce the spread of infection. Get the right products for every task.

Industrial cleaner wearing an all white cover all spraying an area with disinfectant from Bunzl Safety.


From hand protection to head to toe personal protective equipment, we’ll help keep your automotive workers safe and productive.

Close crop image of an automotive technician wearing Bunzl Safety protective gear and working on a part.


Whether you’ve got a crew of two or 200, we can fit your team with the right PPE from head to toe.

Image of a man wearing a yellow hard hat and a full body harness facing a crane.


In processing facilities, maintaining workplace health and safety is no easy feat. Let us help keep your teams safe and your production lines moving.

Two female employees wearing white safety coveralls at a food processing facility.


Get the essential safety supplies and innovative products your customers need most from our industry-leading, great value WORKHORSE® brand.

A retail facility with Workhorse safety supplies neatly organized on white shelves.

Federal/Provincial Government

Make Bunzl Safety your procurement partner for national supply and best value PPE alternatives.

A group of city workers wearing Bunzl Safety flourescent safety vests and masks standing in front of a truck facing the camera.

Leading Brands